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Each album has it's own player on the right of the screen so you can listen to individual tracks or the whole album.
The older albums, Home Town, Alibis, Emerald Ilse, Second Chances and Look At The World
can be downloaded for free as high quality mp3s.

All Good Things
1    When Somebody Leaves
2    All Good Things
3    Be Good To Your Mother
4    When I'm Gone
5    What Have They Done To Our Country
6    Dealers Hand
7    A Cog In The Wheel
8    From Frank To Mary Jane
9    Twenty First Century
10    Magdalene Laundry
11    Monet's Garden
12    Washed Up On Our Shore
13    When The Lights Go Down
14    Sweet Surrender
15    Life In The Shadows

Released 2017
Available as a digital download from
CD £10 post free, payments through PayPal

The video is a sampler of All Good Things and contains short extracts from 11 of the 15 tracks and a random selection of photos.

My Finest Hour
1    Moving Forward   

2    Beneath The Waves    
3    Winter Coat   
4    Any Hiding Place   
5    Invisible People   
6    Who We Are   
7    Twenty One Swans   
8    Catch A Wave   
9    Lord Franklin   
10    Credit Card Blues   
11    Blue Sky   
12    Believe   
13    Frozen In Time   
14    My Innocent Days   
15    My Guitar   
16    Gypsy Davey   
17    Streetlight   
18    Walking Shoes

These songs represent most of my current live set. My ­intention in doing new ­recordings of these ­previously released songs was not only to do a “best of” ­collection but also to capture the feel of a live ­performance with the sound ­quality of a studio recording. The songs have been stripped back to just voice and guitar with the only addition being a bass on a few tracks.

All songs by Bernard Hoskin apart
from tracks 9 and 16 which are ­traditional.

Released 2016 
£10, post free
Payments through PayPal

This album is now available as a digital download from Bandcamp

1    Don't Think Twice It's Alright (Bob Dylan) 
2    Plane Crash At Los Gatos (Woody Guthrie) 
3    The Boxer (Paul Simon) 
4    Duncan  (Paul Simon)
5    City Of New Orleans (Steve Goodman)
6    Time In A Bottle (Jim Croce)  

7    Operator (Jim Croce) 
8    Down So Long (Harvey Andrews) 
9    Poor Mouth  (Bert Jansch)
10   Willy O'Winsbury (traditional) 
11   Naomi (Ralph McTell) 
12   For A Dancer (Jackson Browne)

Rhys Wilson: guitar on track 6
Bronwyn Ormsby: vocals tracks 5 and 6
Released 2015. All tracks can be downloaded for free.

Under The Influence is my tribute to the songwriters and guitarists who most influenced me during the classic singer/songwriter period of the late 1960s to the mid 1970s. To read the "sleeve notes" that tell the stories of what these songs mean to me click here.

Under The Influence


1    The Journey   

2    Passing Through   
3    Twenty One Swans   
4    Coming Soon   
5    Sally In The Long Grass   
6    An Ordinary Day   
7    No Refunds   
8    Bergerac   
9    When The Walls Came Down
10    By The Light Of The Moon   
11    Running Wild
12    Frozen In Time
13    Believe   
14    Meet Me On The Bridge
15    The Underground Railroad
16    I Remember Them All   
17    Forever Solo   
18    It’s Enough To Walk
19    Two Strong Hands

Released 2015
, £10, post free
Payments through PayPal

This album is now available as a digital download from Bandcamp

1. My Guitar 
2. Invisible People
3. Who We Are
4. Blue Sky
5. Living In Colour
6. These Are The Days
7. New Crusade
8. Catch A Wave
9.  It Could Be Hello
10. Walking The Thin Divide
11. This Empty Room
12. Which Way Will You Go
13. God Is Everywhere
14. Take Your Life
15. Solo Flying

Original album 2009
new version 2017

with Lisa Fitzgibbon and Liz Simcock on backing vocals, and Papa Sam on djembe, percussion and backing vocals
1. New Morning

2. Show Me The Way
3. I'll Give You My Heart
4. Winter Coat
5. Walking Shoes
6. Days Of Wonder

7. Trade Winds
8. Long Time Running
9. Fragile Heart
10. Don’t Walk Away
11. Endless Highway
12. Old School Tie
13. Let Me Go
14. If I Did Not Love You
15. A Ghost From The Past
16. Closer To The Shore

Released 2006. £8, post free
Payments through PayPal

Days Yet To Come Cover
1. Moving Forward
2. Beneath The Waves
3. Outside Looking In
4. Someday
5. The Higher You Climb
6. Paradise Apples
7. Homeland
8. Willy O'Winsbury
9. Any Hiding Place
10. The Water Is Wide
11. Pretty Saro
12. One World

13. Moving Forward

Released 2000.
Remastered 2017

1. Look At The World
2. I'm A Stranger Here Myself
3. Higher Ground
4. My Innocent Days
5. This Is Planet Earth
6. Long Distance Call
7. Dark Horse On The Blind Side
8. Lord Franklin
9. All Around The World
10. Gypsy Davey
11. Path Of Least Resistance
12. Water From The Well

Released 1998. Remastered 2014

1. Liberty
2. Accentuate The Positive
3. Credit Card Blues
4. Down To The Mountains Of Mourne
5. Spencer The Rover
6. Keeping The Kids Off The Street
7. Home Town
8. Almost Halfway
9. Streetlight
10. Cavehill
11. Strolling Down Easy Street
12. Real Life

Released 1996.
Free Download

Emerald Isle Cover THE EMERALD ILSE
1. The Heart Of England
2. Dublin Summer
3. The Curragh Of Kildare
4. Down To The Mountains Of Mourne
5. Cavehill
6. Rambling Boys Of Pleasure
7. Times Change
8. Wide Eyed And Innocent
9. Blind Mary
10. Planxty Browne
11. Farewell

Released 1996
Remastered 2014.
Free Download. 

1. Some Things You Just Can't Buy
2. The Rhythm Of The Train
3. As One Door Closes
4. We Are Poor Because You Are Rich
5. Broken, Battered And Bruised
6. You Always Give Me The Blues
7. Man Overboard
8. The World Outside
9. Living In Cardboard City
10. Changing Places
11. Faster Than A Bullet
12. Row Fishermen Row

Tracks 1-7 originally released in 1991 on "Innocent Bystander". Tracks 8-12 originally released in 1990 on "Alibis and False Alarms".

Remastered 2014
Free download

1. Your Good Company
2. Watch The Day Go Down
3. The Shadow Of The Gun
4. Close Your Eyes
5. Kings Of Aviation
6. Home Town
7. Carolan's Concerto
8. Bird Of Prey
9. Spencer The Rover
10. Contrary Motion

Released 1988. Remastered 2014.

Free download.